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Terror At 20,000 Ft, The Twilight Zone

On March 22nd, 1931, the man who would lead the world to the future, William Shatner was born. This week on Midweek Trivia, we look into the life of a man who went where no man has gone before....and where every man has gone before.

In 2006 William Shatner sold his kidney stone to the website GoldenPalace.com for $25, 000. [1]


On an appearance on The View he said that the cast of Boston Legal had donated an additional $20,000 which was used for the building of a house.

Shatner did not like to watch himself perform. In a 2008 interview he said that he never watched any Star Trek or Boston Legal episodes and only watched his performance in Star Trek V:The Final Frontier because he was director.[2]



He recorded a wake up call for the crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery on March 7, 2011, the final day it was docked with the ISS. With the theme from Star Trek playing in the background he delivered a message based on the opening from the TV show,

In an interview for the Archive Of American Television, Richard Dawson tells how Shatner was produced Mark Goodson’s first choice to be host but in the end gave the job to him[4]

Shatner made other game show appearance, including The Hollywood Squares, Beat The Clock and Match Game. In a rather embarrassing moment, he was on an episode of The $20,000 Pyramid. The clue was Things That Are Blessed and Bill used the word blessed. In a fit of anger he threw his chair out of the winner’s circle [5]

He appeared on Pyramid with Leonard Nimoy as his partner five times between 1973 and 1977.[6].

This was a funny episode where he tried to win the final round on his own,

Last, but niot least, in 2012 William Shatner played the home plate umpire in the music video for the song “At Fenway”, written by Brian Evans.[7] It is the first song about Fenway to be licensed by MLB[8]


There you have it folks, some fascinating bits of trivia about Mr. Bill Shatner. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to realign my dilithium matrix and throw a chair across the room. I’ll see you all next time, here at Midweek Trivia.



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