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Midweek Trivia

I decided to take a break from anniversary and original air date based Midweek Trivia topics this week. Since i just finished reading the book The Martian, that will be what we look at for this week’s Midweek Trivia.

Author Andy Weir at Johnson Space Center, 2015, image from Wikipedia

Author Andy Weir started writing the book in 2009. The son of a particle physicist, he wanted to make the book as realistic as possible based on existing technologies. [1]

To prepare to the right the book, Weir studied orbital trajectory, astronomy and the history of manned spaceflight. [2]. He said he knew the exact date of each day in the book.[3]

According to the EncyclopediaRunByMarvinTheMarion, Weir tried a different business model when the book was initially rejected by publishers.



The movie was first optioned to 20th Century Fox in March of 2013 and in may producer Simon Kinbergwas brought on.[4] Drew Goddard was hired to write the screenplay based on Weir’s book.[5][6] He was also on tap to direct which piqued Matt Damon’s interest.[5] Drew Goddard would not direct the movie, choosing instead to take the helm of a movie based on the comic book Sinister Six.

Ridley Scott would go on to direct the movie. Drew Goddard would have to accept the consolation prize of the adoration and praise of Marvel fans for his excellent Daredevil adaptation on Netflix. He never expressed bitterness towards Ridley Scott and praised the movie.


Wadi Rum in Jordan was a practical backdrop for Mars in filming The Martian.,Wikipedia

Waid Run in Jordan was used for a practical backdrop. It has been used in other Mars based movies such as Mission to Mars (2000),Red Planet (2000), and The Last Days on Mars (2013).[8]

There you have it, a little insight into a really well written book and A really good movie. That’s all for this week, but i’ll see you all next week on Midweek Trivia.



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