Happy Thursday friends! Here is this week’s Midweek Trivia and we’re going to look at the Apocalypse. No, not the end of the world or the Book Of Revelation, but the classic Xmen villain whose movie has just come out.

Apocalypse was created by writer Louise Simonson and Artist Jackson Guice and first appeared in X-Factor #5 in May of 1986[1].

The genesis of the character was X-Factor writer Bob Layton dropping hints of a behind the scenes villain leading the Alliance Of Evil first mentioned in Issue #4. He interned for this to be the Daredevil villain Owl, revealed in the final page of Issue #5. Editor Bob Harras wanted a new villain introduced instead. Layton was removed and replaced with Louise Simonson who came up with the idea of Apocalypse and had Jackson Guice do the design. The final page of #5 reveals him to be the master of the Alliance Of Evil.


Bob Harras said the character came around because of storytelling needs.


Walter Simonson downplayed his role In the character design, stating the Jackson Guice was responsible for the design.

Jackson Guice commented on the visual design of the character.


Bob Harras was a fan of the design.


While the character was developed in 1986, he was retconned into the X-Men universe past. He was the unnamed benefactor of the Living Monolith from Marvel Graphic Novel #17 from 1985. [4].

Roery Weinberg had planned to make him the third Summers brother, sibling to the mutants Cyclopes and Hawk during his run on Cable. Weinberg left the book before this could come to fruition, which resulted in the third brother being Gabriel Summers aka Vulcan. [5]


Oscar Issac, fresh off success as Poe Damaron in Star Wars The Force Awakens plays the big blue bad ass in the film X-Men: Apocalypse. Apocalypse was a fix of practical and digital affects. [6]. The part required massive prosthetic and make up work and the use of a 40 pound suit and high heeled boots to appear taller and more imposing. [7]


Well, there you are, a little bit of insight into the big blue meanie who wants to destroy our favorite ragtag band of mutants. I will see you all on the next Midweek Trivia.


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