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Midweek Trivia update and an Open Thread

Good morning/afternoon O-Deck. I had a quick announcement regarding Midweek Trivia. So i figured i’d kill two birds with one rocket launcher and make it an Open Thread as well.

There will be no Midweek Trivia for today. I am taking the A+ certification test tomorrow so all my focus this week has been on studying. There will also not be a Midweek Trivia until Wed July 6th. I leave on my yearly summer trip to Maine on Friday and will be to swamped to get in front of a computer and put together anything that is close to the quality that I want. I will resume my normal writing the Wednesday after I get back from my trip. Also, I have updated the June Rewatch post with a new rewatch.


Anyway, that is all I have. Discuss away O-Deckers.

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