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Mike Maihack's Batgirl/Supergirl On Sale For One Week

If you've seen Mike Maihack's series of Batgirl/Supergirl webcomics, you're clearly a fan. Because who wouldn't be? It's possible there are comics that are more adorable, but you would have to look pretty hard to find them. And they'd probably include a baby sloth hugging a baby panda while riding a wave kittens.

And let's be honest, a comic like that is unlikely to come around more than 3 times in given lifetime.


You can buy the prints individually or as a bundle like seen above. You have until Oct. 14 to do so. As a Mike Maihack fan, I'd say they're worth it. He recently had his Cleopatra in Space comic book published, and it's worth acquiring as well.

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