Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Illustration for article titled Mike Nesmiths post about click-bait titles.

As only Mike Nesmith can write it... (taken from his Facebook page post today):


22 Pictures that will make you lose weight. Number 7 hits HARD.

The last panel will BLOW YOUR MIND.

17 things you NEVER KNEW your doctor did while fishing. Number 19 is hilarious. ‪#‎trolling‬.


Five ways to stop mowing and have a margarita. Number three is for me!

The LAST thing you might never suspect if you suspected things.

Pictures of before AND after long before it was after. Check the dude in the trunks and bra.


9 ways to STOP KILLING YOURSELF and your houseplants:things you never knew about plant food.

Miracle diet CURES dieting. Lose that belly in three hours.

Don't STOP READING THIS just because its dangerous: 18 pictures that tell a story with only punctuation.


I didn't think I could ever QUIT, until I saw THIS. Number 9 is the grossest thing I ever saw. EEEW!!

26 amazing internet finds THAT you can only find ON THE internet.

Fact or FICTION? The government wont tell you!!

NEVER wear socks again!!!

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