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Pom Pom Mirror is a new work by New York based artist Daniel Rozin made up of nearly 1000 puffs of (imitation) fur in two tones. Each puff is fixed to a small motor and able to rotate to display its black or white side based on the information given to it by a series of sensors.

As the artist puts it:

“Ghostly traces fade and emerge, as the motorised composition hums in unified movement, seemingly alive and breathing as a body of its own.”


The effect is definitely quite uncanny, rather than simply relaying an image of everything seen in the room as a camera would do, the sensors appear to only react to people who approach the mirror, causing a strange effect where shadows will emerge from the white and making the piece appear alive rather than mechanical.

My jokey title aside a magic mirror that had this same strange sense of life would make for the basis of an interesting take on Snow White I think.

via: It’s Nice That

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