Someone who's read these - convince me to keep going. I'm about 180 pages in, and the concept is interesting enough, I like the writing style, but the fact that Vin is the only named female character out of a cast of over a dozen is beginning to irritate me greatly. I will put up with that shit from Tolkien only barely, because of "it's a classic!" reasons. There's no real excuse for Sanderson here, and his world-building has not yet convinced me that there's any real reason for the almost complete lack of women, like, say Starship Troopers did.

I know Sanderson can handle women okay, because he did alright with Robert Jordan's women in the last three Wheel of Time books. And Robert Jordan was never a particularly great creator of women characters. Still, when Robert Jordan novels are making you feel fairly well-represented in comparison, you know an author's got a problem. At this point I feel like Sanderson just doesn't like women characters much, and it's causing semi-ration rants on internet message boards.

So someone tell me it gets better. Please.