We're on to our 14th Mixtape contest. I'm thoroughly pleased to see we're all still enjoying this. With the recent turmoil in the world and especially on the Kinja platform it's nice having a community activity to participate in. This week's theme comes from Archnemesis_Goldenhair:

Ok, after a bit of thought, and some double checking, I want the next contest to be:

Your Personal Soundtrack

You are the protagonist of your life story, that story needs a soundtrack. At a minimum, you need a general theme, a theme specific to you, a theme for the climax of your life/confrontation with your archnemesis.

Note: For the purpose of fair and balanced judging, I'll not battle with anyone, pick a different nemesis.

You may also have themes for sidekicks, the antagonist of your life, a romantic interlude, or maybe even intermission.

Bonus points for a tie-in to your origin story, if you have one. Don't remember what I'm talking about? Looky here.

P.S. Soundtrack need not reflect the reality of your life.

So there ya go. The soundtrack of your life. Action! Adventure! Love! Loss! Villainy! Heroics! It's whatever you want it to be. As usual the same rules apply. You have until Tuesday, Aug. 26 at noon to get your playlists submitted. I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.