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Mixtape Contest Week 17: Beautiful Euphora

It's already October, and we're on our 17th theme of the Mixtape Contest. We've had an entire spectrum of themes, one time specifically, and things are going well. Not so much in the rest of the world. There it's a complete mess, but that's what makes having a distraction like this blissful. And speaking of bliss (nice segue, eh)...

Our next theme is Beautiful Euphoria. I shall let Week 16's winner, Ariel@GawkerTech explain:

The next theme should be about that day we all have when everything goes right, when you feel that rush of euphoria because all the pieces are finally falling together nicely and good vibrations are abound, when elation hits you like a roaring train and the only thing you want to do is scream with joy! So basically: Beautiful Euphoria


So there we go. Seems simple enough. It's time to shake off the grumps, throw off the mood, and find those songs you keep for when you're feeling so high, so happy, so blissful, that only those songs will do. Let the good times roll.

As always the same rules apply. And just to remind, you do need to include links or a playlist or something. Just listing songs isn't going to be enough. You have until Tuesday, October 14 at noon to get your playlists submitted. Have fun!

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