Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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As you can see by the post title we are now on our 19th running of the mixtape contest. We've done everything from songs for when you're angry to songs of Halloween. And I think we're all enjoying ourselves as we do it. This time we're gonna have to think a bit more Super in our song selections. I'll let Week 18's Winner, Pie "oh" Pah explain:

I think the new theme of the week shall be: Comic Book Movie Soundtracks

In honour of the collective geekgasm that Marvel gave the Internet this week let's make soundtracks for comic book movies. It can be for one of their upcoming films, from one of twentysomething other studio projects in the works, or even a movie that exists only in your mind. (I'm dreaming of a Swamp Thing/Phantom Stranger/Etrigan big screen adventure)

Pick a character/team and share with us your choices of hip-hop anthems, earnest acoustic numbers, stadium rock, instrumental requiems, pop love ballads, etc.. that best exemplify the characters and adventure in your movie.


So there ya go. Pick out your comic book character or characters, and come up with the best soundtrack you can for them. And no cheating by picking GotG and just listing their existing mixtape. You pick them you have to come up with your own list. Oh, and don't worry about picking the same people... your lists will be different, and that's all that matters. So if we end up with 10 Avengers mixtapes... fantastic.

As always the same rules apply. And just to remind, you do need to include links or a playlist or something. Just listing songs isn't going to be enough. You have until Tuesday, Nov 11 at noon to get your playlists submitted. Have fun!

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