Your Weekly Mixtape Reminder 90's Edition

It's the time of the contest where I start reminding you to get your submissions in. I think it's fair to assume that the majority of Odeckers were alive in the 90s, and you have to acknowledge the brilliance of the music of that decade. So let's see that brilliance put into 60 minute playlist format. You've got till the end of the month to get your submission in. As a lover of 90s music, I definitely look forward to your submissions.

Mixtape Contest Week 20 - Songs of the 90s

Well, it's been a helluva year. 19 contests covering a wide range of themes.

  1. Songs for Spring - Flowergirlphysicist (Winner)
  2. Songs to lower the blood pressure - Corpsegoddess (Winner)
  3. Songs to get pumped to go out - FrankN.Stein (Winner)
  4. Songs to get you in the mood - Drillpress (Winner)
  5. Songs for when you have 1 hour to live - GhostintheMachine (Winner)
  6. Guilty Pleasures - Corpsegoddess (Winner)
  7. Colors Songs - Eldritch (Winner)
  8. Driving Songs - GamerCat235 (Winner)
  9. Longest Day/Longest Song - Corpsegoddess (Winner)
  10. Songs of the N. American Summer - Eldritch (Winner)
  11. Songs of the 80's - UkuleleDan (Winner)
  12. Cover Songs - Jinxe (Winner)
  13. Songs for a Deserted Island - Archnemesis Goldenhair (Winner)
  14. Soundtrack of your life - Pie 'oh' Pah (Winner)
  15. Songs for the one you love - Imaginaryfriend (Winner)
  16. Leaving Songs - Ariel@GawkerTech (Winner)
  17. Beautiful Euphoria - Imaginaryfriend (Winner)
  18. Songs of Halloween - Pie 'oh' Pah (Winner)
  19. Comic book movie soundtrack - UkuleleDan (Winner)

And now we come to the last "contest" for the year 2014. We still have the Christmas coming up, but that's one where everyone wins. For Week 20 I've decided to make things easy for everyone. We're doing Songs of the 90's. It's the best decade of music since the 60's, and it's your task now to condense the entire decade's worth of fantastic music into a mere 60 minutes. Should be a piece of cake.

As always the same rules apply. And just to remind, you do need to include links or a playlist or something. Just listing songs isn't going to be enough. You have until THE END OF THE MONTH, NOV. 30 at noon to get your playlists submitted. Have fun!