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We are now week 4 into our Mixtape Contest. I think things have gone well so far. We've had songs of Spring, songs to lower the blood pressure, and songs that get you ready to hit up the night life. This week's theme comes from last week's winner: FrankN.Stein:

After bringing your blood pressure down and then getting it back up to party, let's do something with all the adrenaline and have some sexy time, shall we? Or romantic, if that's more to your liking. What gets you in the mood for romance and/or accompanies the naughtiness? As with sex itself, everything from slow and tempting to hard and dirty is allowed. (I guess the videos should be SFW, though. ;) )

So there you go. Let's see the best mixtape playlist you can come up with of songs that get you in the mood... for romance. These can be songs you'd have as backtrack for a date or songs that get you in the extra frisky mood. As usual, it's entirely up to you. Same rules apply. You have until next Tuesday at noon to submit.


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