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Mixtape Contest Week 9: The Longest Day/The Longest Song

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Well, things continue to go splendidly with the mixtape contest. We've had some excellent themes and even more excellent submissions. This time, at the request of last week's winner, we're going to allow a special dispensation in regards to the mixtape maximum length. I shall let it be explained by Gamecat:

On to the next contest... for the last decade plus, I have made a mix CD for the Summer Solstice (the longest day). Generally I have chosen songs that are 7 minutes to 10 minutes long. So... seeing as how the solstice is right around the corner, and that it is my turn to assign the contest, here it is. To celebrate the longest day, I want your best longest song mixtape, and lets say that no song can be shorter than 6:30.

Edit, with your permission, and due to the nature of the context, how about we make a special contest and we lengthen the 60 minutes to that of a CD (and we'll go with the old standard of 74 minutes).


So, for this contest only, you now have a whopping 74 minutes to make use of. So find your favorite songs that are at least 6:30 in length, throw them into the proper format, and submit away. You have until Tuesday, June 17 at noon to turn your mixtapes in. I expect to see many submissions.

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