Well, it's been another contest, which means there's been another winner. That winner this time around was... UkuleleDan. He put forth an amazing playlist, if I may say so myself. And as I'm me... I may. But don't take just my word for it. In Pie 'oh' Pah's own words:

First of all, this had to be the most difficult week to have to choose from so far. Everyone seemed to put a lot of thought into these, and if you haven't listened to the other submissions you should get on that. I've listened to a few of these multiple times, and picked up some new artists to follow. But in the end there can be only one, and this week that only one is UkuleleDan. I'm not even a big Tank Girl fan, but his list was perfect as an actual movie soundtrack for her. Downright cinematic. So congratulations, and I look forward to playing again... so much easier than choosing.

So there we go. You can check out the playlist here.


Now for the announcement. I shall be making the new post for Week 20 today. This contest is going to run until the end of the month. And it's the last "contest" for the year. The winner of Week 20 will be picking the theme for when we start back up at the new year. December will have a special theme centered around Christmas and will last most of the month. You can probably guess what the theme will be. So... yeah. That's all for now.