Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Illustration for article titled Mixtape Week 5 - Songs For When Youve Only Got An Hour To Live

We are now up to week 5 in our mixtape madness, and it continues to go well. We've had songs of Spring, songs to lower the blood pressure, songs to get you ready for a night on the town, and songs that put you in the mood. This week's theme comes from DrillPress. In his own words:

You just launched in the last escape pod when the space station explodes in a fury of light and special effects. Debris and the mangled remains of your fellow space explorers now litter the quiet vacuum. As you rest your tired head from the excitement of the detonation, through the porthole, you see a massive chunk of bulkhead hurtling towards your pod. It strikes you and a cacophony of buzzers and warning now fill the silence. You manage to shut them off only to realize that life support, navigation and communications are failing, quickly. There is a strange fog leaking into the darkness from the starboard side. In a panic, you check the O2 gauges and do the math in your already weary mind - you have 60 minutes until you die from oxygen starvation. At the realization that your life will end in about an hour, you see that the one system on the pod that seems to be unencumbered with complete failure is the universal radio capable of playing any recorded track ever produced...

What is the soundtrack to the last moments of your life?

So there we go. If you only have an hour left to live, what songs would you pick as being the last you ever hear? As usual, the same rules apply. You've got till Tuesday at noon to submit.



I am considering making this a bi-weekly or monthly event to prevent people from tiring out on it. Any thoughts?



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