Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Illustration for article titled Mixtape Week 6 - The Guiltiest Of Your Guilty Pleasures

Update: GitM has asked for more time to judge the playlists. Hopefully we will have a winner announced sometime tomorrow.

This whole Mixtape Madness thing seems to be going quite splendidly doesn't it? We've had everything from uplifting songs of Spring to songs you'd listen to as you waited to die. This week we aim for something a bit embarrassing. The theme comes from Ghost in the Machine:

Here's my idea.

There's music you love and share with everybody. Then there's music you love but don't advertise as much. What's your guilty pleasure playlist that's usually just for your ears only? There will be no judgment of your musical tastes (at least not by me).


Now, I personally do not have any guilty pleasures when it comes to music. If I like it then that means it's great, but I realize this isn't the case for everyone. So let's see those songs you listen to in the safety of your home or car that you would rather die than admit to liking. This is a safe place. We will not judge you.

The rules remain the same with one exception. This is now a bi-weekly event to keep things from getting stale. This means you have until Tuesday, May 6th to submit. Reminders will go up next week so there's no excuse for not participating. Let's see those mixtapes!

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