Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Things continue to go well for Mixtape Madness. The Guilty Pleasure round had some especially strong contenders, and a surprising number of people admitted to listening to Nickelback. These are the kinds of revelations one can expect from this contest. But on to the next! This week's theme comes from Corpsegoddess:

My theme is colours. I want a colour-themed mixtape. It can be one colour (a "blue" mix), or a rainbow of them. But I want the most colourful songs you can throw at me (and you probably want to throw things at me after my mixtape for this past round).


Just so everyone is clear, we are talking about songs that have colors in the name or feature in the lyrics, so don't over think this. As usual the same rules apply. Submissions are due Tues., May 20th at noon. So submit away. I expect to see a wide spectrum of songs.


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