Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the airport speaking: the final flight of MJN Air will take off at 6:30 PM GMT (in about 45 mins) on BBC Radio 4. All aboard!

Everyone (everywhere!) can listen online for free at the BBC's webpage (and later on the iPlayer, for a week or so). Isn't that Brilliant?


And the last ever episode is tomorrow. This series is such a brilliant and joyful little thing, but like all good things, it is sadly, ending. If you haven't yet listened (and you should!) to it you can pre-order the whole thing on CD, or you can find it elsewhere on the internet, I'm sure.

Also airing today is the Good Omens radio play. Two episodes of it have already aired, today is #3. You can listen to them here, on the iPlayer, and you can listen live today here. Also ODeck, I am disappoint. How come no one's mentioned this started airing?

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