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Mockingbird #1: Adventures at the Doctor's Office

Cover makes me think of an old school movie poster.

The new series for Marvel’s Mockingbird dropped today and gives us a mystery concerning the titular character as she finds mixing super drugs isn’t always for the best. Women creative teams are in short supply in comics and Mockingbird is a nice exception as it is written by Chelsea Cain, drawn by Kate Niemczyk, and colored by Rachelle Rosenberg.

The issue opens in media res with Mockingbird breaking into a SHIELD Medical Clinic before cutting back to that same clinic a month before hand with Mockingbird waiting in the lobby. It turns out Fury gave Mockingbird a formula made from the Super Soldier Serum and the Infinity Formula (Reason why Fury fought in WWII and hasn’t aged since) to save her life and there are concerns of negative side effects of getting two super drugs.


On paper the comic sounds kind of dull “Mockingbird goes to the doctor a bunch” as, other then a few panels, the entire issue takes place in the clinic. The humor of the comic is really what sold it to me with things like amusing waiting room shots such as Tony Stark reading a pamphlet about Gonorrhea and a sarcastic Mockingbird.

SHIELD Has a “Do Not Sleep with this man or you will get an STD” pamphlet I assume.

Issue one is mainly a hook for the mystery of what exactly is going on with Bobbi as things get increasingly weird from her seemingly developing a new power while doing parapsychological exams, to visions of things that might not exist. I thought the hook was very effective in leaving you wanting to know more.

I am not that familiar with Mockingbird other then from Agents of SHIELD and a couple of comics that weren’t about her so I came to it as a new reader. The comic is not an origin story and it doesn’t hold your hand to explain who Mockingbird is in detail but they do give you enough information to not be completely lost.


Read if: You like kickass women, Mockingbird in AoS, your comics to be a little sillier.

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