OK! Confession time, that’s the wrong Mockingbird up there.

How is this for an agenda? The Guardian is reporting that the estate of Harper Lee has given approval for a graphic adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird. It will be drawn by Fred Fordham who drew Phillip Pullman’s The Adventures of John Blake for UK comic story weekly The Phoenix. A collected edition of the first Blake tale, Mystery of the Ghost Ship was released this month.

Fordham said:

“Adapting a story that means so much to so many – and finding the appropriate art style to give it life in a long-form visual medium – is a great honour and responsibility, and, mercifully, also a great pleasure.”


Apparently the Lee Estate approached publisher William Heinemann with the idea of adapting the novel. The graphic novel will be published in November 2018. Harper Lee presents has a certain ring to it.