Hey, even if you are now an author on ODeck ...

...you are probably going to need to make sure ODeck follows you. I was informed ODeck wasn't following me today, which come the reset back to the "pending" system would mean I would not be able to post blog entries here. I thought that in order to post entries meant I was already followed. Evidently this was an archaic perception. So please check yourself and get the ODeck on your back. Oh, and I guess you need to follow ODeck too. Oh, and I guess if you are already an author, you can do the whole process yourself. It's like masturbation and the happy ending is posting privileges.

Mod Talk: New System -- PLEASE READ

Hi Gang,

Given the new 'Pending' System, the Mod Squad wanted to give GTers a quick head's up. What it really means for GT is that we need to 'Follow' you in order for you to show up — even if you have authorship. We stopped automatically following everyone a while back since it didn't do anything, but now we need to know if we're following you or not. If you are showing up as 'Pending' or 'in the grays' please reply here and we'll look at your account and Follow if necessary. As a courtesy to speed things up, include a link to your Kinja page so we can click and get you approved ASAP.

As always, if you want to get in touch with us, please contact us at groupthinkmods@gmail.com or SorciaMacNasty@gmail.com. Note that the groupthinkmods email gets forwarded to ALL mods.

Hopefully this will be a relatively painless process and we can all get back to the more important business of kittens, lentils and squalor. Thanks for your patience, everyone.

— Sorcia and the Mod Squad

ETA: Make sure you're Following GT! Some of you ARE Followed by us but may be showing up pending if you're not Following us in return, it seems.