Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I'm not one to pay attention to schedules or what have you. I scoured though and didn't see this posted for last night, figured I'd just be late to the party. Looks like I'm the one throwing it this time around. Lol. You all are ruining my introvertedness! I kid, I kid.

So on to the tunes, eh?

I present to you "I Hear You Knocking" by Dave Edmunds. It is a cover, but it's the first version of the song I was ever introduced to. I used to listen to an "oldies" station a ton as a kid and one day my dad caught me listening to it and was like "I KNOW THAT SONG!" He proceeded to pop one of the speakers on the radio by cranking it up as loud as it could go and singing along. It was one of my better memories of dear old dad. The guy is a trip. (Random aside. He recently called me, after being a "not by choice" ward of the state for awhile. "Have you seen those iPod things?" Yes, Dad, I own one, but I prefer using my phone to listen to music. "Well, where do you put the CD?" I facepalmed at that point.)

If you've seen Rock'n'Rolla the film by Guy Ritchie then you likely recognize that song. It's the one that's playing, by the band The Subways themselves, as Johnny Quid beats the ever loving crap out of a bouncer who wouldn't let him into the club because he looked like a junkie. (Rightly so. He was a junkie. A crazy one for damn sure though.) It's called "Rock and Roll Queen".


I really gotta shake things up with what I give you guys from my musical collection. Can't all be blues and nothing is as fun to listen to as that song, especially on a Monday. Because Mondays suck and you need fast and fun tunes near the end of the work day, amirite? (It's easy enough to play on a guitar too. "You wanna be a real rock'n'rolla?")

Speaking of fun songs. I present to you The Clash with "Rudie Can't Fail", some of you might recognize it from its appearance (albeit rather quickly) in that hilariously fun and awesome film Grosse Point Blank.

Since I ended up on The Clash and already mentioned Rock'n'Rolla, it only seems fitting that I throw in "Bankrobber", which is a staple of the film and a song that young Johnny Quid sings.


So that's it for today. These are but a handful of songs you can usually catch me listening to as I slack off at work while hanging out on the Odeck. (I do IT, don't judge me! There's lots of time to goof off when chaos isn't running rampant in the office.)

Share some of your tunes... if you dare! I've yet to hear something that I didn't like, so you guys and gals definitely got good taste in music. Spaced99, it's totally your turn next time around to do the post. : P

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