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Estimates are that there's a million or so species of arthropods known to science, with another 4 to 9 million that haven't been formally described yet. Which was the best you've seen this morning?


This is the one I found in my bathtub this morning. Using the pattern on the bottom of the tub as a scale (they're 5 cm or 2 inches wide) then that's a 14cm (5.5 inch) long centipede, which is the largest I've seen in the wild, or in my bathtub. There's apparently 3,000 known and up to 5,000 unknown species of centipede, I think this one is a Scolopendra polymorpha, but I'm not totally sure. Also because it was in my bathtub I rather quickly got it out of my house rather than take better photos, so, sorry about the bad photo.

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