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Monday Open Thread WITH BONUS ELVIS

Good morning*! Isn't it a lovely day**? I'm ready to start the day with lots of vim and vigour, aren't you***?

With my usual 'let's-disguise-personal-stories-by-making-it-into-an-open-thread', how was your weekend? Because mine was actually pretty fun.

There is a major festival that happens every year in Collingwood (about 2 hours north of Toronto on the shores of Georgian Bay/Lake Superior) that centres around...



That's right, nonstop Elvis mofo Presley for four days straight. It's apparently a BIG deal, and Priscilla was there signing autographs.I've never gone before, and this year I told myself that I was going to go, goddammit. So I took my mom.

My mother didn't actually want to do any of the day stuff, so we just went to a concert in the evening at the Legion**** that was a 'Champion's Showcase and Dance' - essentially, they had a bunch of different Elvises (Elvii?) from all over that went from eight until midnight and there was a dance floor. Mom lasted until ten then wanted to go home. We managed to see four Elvises!

Number 1: 50s/Young Elvis


Number 2: 60s Elvis


Number 3: 70s Elvis (this guy was from England!)


Number 4: 70s Elvis (this one was from Australia!)


It was A LOT of fun. Really! I mean, if you enjoy Elvis songs. If you don't, then I guess this would be some sort of level of hell for you, but everyone else was really into it. I will totally go again next year, but bring my friends and enjoy the Legion's really cheap drink policy and just dance all night.



I would also like to take this time to boast about how I brought all my goddamn book boxes to my fiance's place (our place? I don't have keys yet) and filled up my new bookcase. Now, all my new books and comics that I'm currently reading at home aren't in there yet, but there's still room! I can buy MORE COMICS an MORE COOKBOOKS.


And last thing, I promise: a little challenge! Chrono showed me how to play Pokemon Blue with an emulator. Which was an awful thing to do to me, really, since I was up until 1 am fighting off Ghastlys in Pokemon Tower. Anyway, I decided to go with a Greek Myth naming scheme for my Pokemon this round and I challenge you to figure out which Pokemon belong to which names:


Bonus: I got a new one that I named 'Leviathan'. Who could it be???

Anyway, if you made it this far, I thank you for staying with my Monday-morning word spewage.


Oh! And I got the Guardians of the Galaxy prelude comic Marvel put out for the movie so expect that review in the next few days.


*It's an awful morning

**It's still goddamn raining here

***This morning can go ahead and suck it.

****Translation - Collingwood Legion = "Wichita VA Hall" if Wichita was on a lake.

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