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Monty Python, mostly live! (and wholy streamed)

They came in a Tardis!


I love Monty Python. Together with TNG, it must have been the first fandom of mine, long before I knew the word. It may have been called obsession back then...

It's pretty hard to keep the level of fandom up with so little new material, But I devoured everything MP for years after I discovered them (I still have the published scripts of all movies and of Flying Circus, because back in the days, getting it on tape was not that easy for a German teenager.) And dammit, they're awesome.

Absolutely are. In an a little more established way that allows one to make fun of Mr Cleese's 4 divorces and Mr. Palin's exiting traveling shows. And totally botch up the Parrot Sketch because nobody expects them to pull that off straight faced anymore.. :D


And of course it had Stephen Hawking singing the Galaxy song. Why wouldn't it?

I assume it will be on the Internet soon, so look for it.


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