So most of you think it's okay to buy a bunch of this stuff, and then use it next year.

How about other candy? Is it okay to use leftover candy from last year?

Of course, it would rather be hard to still have leftover candy from last Halloween, unless you thought ahead and put it aside for that purpose. Or you might find some that you misplaced. (Someone just mentioned candy corn, and that made me remember buying a whole bunch of it, and I don't remember eating a whole bunch of it, so some might turn up).

Seems like I have some leftover Christmas candy, cause I went on a diet before I ate all of it.


Okay, I'm not talking about giving out last year's Halloween chocolate. Chocolate gets bloom or frost or whatever it's called. But other kinds of candy? Tootsie rolls and lollipops and taffy and that sort of thing.

Because of where I live, I really don't get any Trick or Treaters except for my one neighbor, and I get the coupons from McDonalds and give her and my niece and nephew those. But I'm always thinking that I should have a bag of candy around, just in case.

Update: While looking for some Halloween stuff, I just found two unopened bags of Smarties.