Morbotron, the Futurama version of the awesome Simpsons meme/gif generator Frinkiac, from the same amazing and awesome people, is up and ready (in beta form)! Go now! You can click on the professor’s head for the FAQ.

And it’s everything I could have hoped for! The gifs available through giphy or tumblr always seemed sparse, and now there’s a place for it all!


It works the same way, you type in a quote and it finds the scene. You can even edit the meme part (to take out lines you don’t need, or even edit the existing ones, but what’s the fun in that?).

So have fun, and say goodbye to anything else you thought you were going to accomplish today!


Update: looks like io9 posted about this too, but just 13 minutes ahead of me, so I didn’t see it when I did a search first.