So, I've been working on a concept for a comic for a while now. Essentially, what it boils down to is, what if, on the day the aliens invade, no one like the Avengers or the Justice League is there to stop them?

What if that is because twenty years ago, a bunch of supervillains, in some sort of doom-y league, got together and did away with the mightiest heroes the Earth had to offer?

And what if, twenty years later, those same supervillains are now the only thing standing between us and our new alien overlords?

And what if those supervillains have not aged very gracefully?


First up is LumberJacques, a French Canadian strongman and master of Savate. LumberJacques was once a legendary villain who sold his amazing martial arts skills (and love of maple syrup) to the highest bidder for whatever dirty deed needing doing.
Now, this aging Canuck just wants to be left alone to kick over trees and karate-chop bears in the face in peace.


Next up is the Green Wiffle. He's pretty much the worst idea I've ever had, committed to paper.
Imagine that if, when Abin Sur crash landed on Earth, his ring was intercepted by Carrot Top instead of Hal Jordan.Yeah.

Anyway, watch this space for more character designs coming soon!