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More Doctor Who Series 8 set pics

Here are some more Doctor Who set pics, courtesy of #DWSR. Only minor spoilers in this batch.

Shooting continued today on what is probably episode 3 (rather than 6), believed to have the working title Robots of Sherwood, with filming in and around Caerphilly Castle. Reportedly, they'll be there through the end of the week. As you can see from the photos, an archery tournament has been set up, there are knights in armor, Clara seems to be getting into character with a lovely new dress, and episode writer Mark Gatiss is being followed by a midget.

There have been no further robot sightings, but given that the Doctor and Clara are hanging out with a (at least mostly) fictional character, I'd say the odds are still pretty good that Robin and his gang aren't quite as human as they seem.


Also, more photos from yesterday's "Sherwood Forest" filming are up on the Daily Mail website, showing a whole slew of merry men, including the obligatory Friar Tuck.


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