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More Four on Four Extra

Almost got away. Doctor Who is back on Saturday night. At least on BBC Radio 4 Extra who have traveled back to the halcyon days when Tom Baker’s interpretation of the renegade Time Lord ruled with Louise Jameson’s noble savage. All we need is Basil Brush, The Generation Game, Starsky & Hutch and Match of the Day to follow.

Four Extra quietly slipped in the first of a run of Big Finish produced adventures last week with Destination Nerva, a post Weng-Chiang tale taking the TARDIS to a familiar location. Not to worry, it is still on iPlayer.


Tomorrow has The Renaissance Man at 18:00 and again at midnight and the following week brings The Wrath of the Iceni. Again, they will be on iPlayer soon after broadcast. The radio version of iPlayer is accessible outside the UK.

Also starting Monday Four Extra kicks off the five-part Night of the Triffids, a lackluster sequel to John Wyndham’s classic apocalypse.  

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