It's me.


How you doin'?

Last time I asked for help, I got a lot of useful answers. There's one train of thought I'd like to pursue specifically—other artists. I'm not looking for tutorials, specifically, but they are always nice to have.


What I am in search of are pen and ink artists—just ink from the pen, no washes. Al Williamson, as suggested earlier, was perfect to open my eyes a bit wider.

Also, I'm exploring lino cutting (What do you call it when it's not lino anymore, but that butter soft medium that Speedball (amongst others, I assume) puts out? Block printing?) and I have become really quite rusty (untold years since I was last at this). Look at the nutso shit people are turning out:


(Gorilla by Rowanne Anderson)


(Tractor by Milestone Press)


(Pallavi Sen: A Very Tall Rooster)

I can barely get smooth all ink surfaces—you should see the sticky mess. But I think I need some oohing and ahhing to work out what is a) possible b) within my capability.


Plus! Art sharing. I love seeing examples of what art you guys like (and/or did!). That's why I don't just google for examples—I like O-Deck curation in action.