Yesterday Sean Carroll debated William Lane Craig at the Greer-Heard Forum. Today, Carroll and Craig are joined by Duke professor of philosophy and author of The Atheist's Guide to Reality, Alex Rosenberg, and the topic is How Physics Fakes Design and Makes Things Difficult For Theism. It's nearly done and will probably go private when it's over, so if you want to catch the discussion, do so now.

Edit: There are loads and loads and loads of ads. Jump ahead to about the 1:20:00 mark to get to the talk. That's one hour and twenty minutes of ads, not one minute and twenty seconds.

Second Edit: The previous discussion is already private, but the next one is live now, Sean Carroll and William Lane Craig and Jim Sinclair discussing Does God Exist. I'm only putting these up here because Sean Carroll has popped up on IO9 before. But there's about as much chance of anything useful coming out of this Does God Exist discussion as my beagle spontaneously evolving into Bigfoot.


It's here if you want it. For now.