I don’t often post here. I’m not particularly talented in starting a good story but, I’m deeply compelled to share this news and this is most definitely the place to do it.

While browsing Netflix I was greatly surprised to run across a series I never thought I would see again after catching it accidentally years ago, Moribito. It’s a single season series and that’s all it needs to be. Some of the best stories have a strong ending -I promise you will want more.

I have been most disapointed with animee recently. It’s too immature and one dimensional. Too sexual or too much fantasy without bearings. Moribito is none of these things. It’s extremely well balanced and well written. The animation is supurb. I put it up there with Spirited Away. Are the spirits real or our interpretation of the world? Was there a time when these things existed?

A key strength in the series is its deep historical roots. I can’t say that I know much of Asian culture but I get the distinct feeling that the world in which the show is set was carefully researched and recreated. There is an entire episode dedicated to a game of chance that stands alone as a lesson both to us and the characters. You grow right along with the child prince and you truly bond with the experience.


Word of warning from my perspective -the opening song is aweful. Get past that and prepare to become engrossed.

I really hope I’ve done this show some level of justice. I’ve only watched 15 minutes since I saw it all years ago but already I remember so much of what made it special. Do yourself a favor and jump on netflix to check it out.