Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Get it here in black and stone leather. It'll set you back $249.99, not counting tax or any extras you add on.

And yes, for those wondering I did get the news a relatively short while ago. I was just stuck in front and couldn't do a quick post about it. I did, however, manage to make time to literally sprint from the front desk back to my office to place the order.


I ordered the Protect and Care Kit but not the Moto Care 2-year accidental protection thing like usual. Mostly because I know I'll upgrade if they make a second generation device and if it's anything like my G Watch it can handle the accidental abuse I put it through (and thus won't need it). Also because I really was in a rush to just order the damn watch before it sold out and didn't even think to add it.

There was a significant update this past week for the Moto 360 which is purported to give a significant increase in battery life, so I guess I'll find out just how well it performs when I get it next Wednesday. Naturally you can expect a write-up on it once I've got it on my wrist.

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