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Move Into A Fairy Tale House On This Week’s Face Off

One of Twisted Six Effects’ fairy godmothers

On this week’s episode of Face Off balance is restored then the two contestant effects shops must create occupants for fairy tale houses. Which shop has the dream house and which one has a nightmare house? Results ahead.

McKenzie Westmore meets the contestants at the lab to introduce this week’s challenge. But first there’s some business to take care of. Since Ethereal Effects has still has six members and Twisted Six Effects is down to four, the judges have selected Joseph to move from Ethereal Effects to Twisted Six to balance the shops at five contestants each. Suzanne is the foreperson for Ethereal Effects this week and Nick is the Twisted Six foreman. The challenge is for each shop to create three whimsical characters to occupy a fairy tale house. Oh, and the shops only have two days to work instead of three.


Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost, Once Upon a Time) is a guest judge this week.

Ethereal Effects’ top and bottom looks

Ethereal Effects picks a tree house. Their three creatures are a witch and two woodchucks. One of the woodchucks was originally going to be a faun but Kierstin didn’t like the way it was coming out and the shop agreed to change it. Kierstin has to play catch-up to get her woodchuck ready on time and is worried. But Suzanne and Nelson’s wood witch is the shop’s bottom look. Ethereal Effects wins the challenge and I have more to say on that later. Andrew’s woodchuck face is a hit with the judges and he wins the challenge.

Twisted Six Effects’ top and bottom looks

Twisted Six Effects picks a floral house. They go for a unified idea of a fairy godfather and two fairy godmothers. But things are not so unified in the lab. KC and Joseph are working like a smooth machine and Phil is hustling to get fabrication and sculpting done (he learned the lesson from Al last week). But Foreman Nick and Jill are clashing over the look of Jill’s sculpt. When she steps away, Nick scrapes the clay from her form so she has to start over. The two also clash over the paint job the next day. While the judges like KC and Joseph’s fairy godfather and the overall look is more cohesive than the other shop, Jill’s fairy godmother is unimpressive and the judges learn of Nick’s actions. Glenn in particular is incensed about scraping the clay from someone else’s work. Nick is eliminated this week.

This episode highlights for me a problem with the competing shop format. KC and Joseph’s fairy godfather was at least as good as Andrew and Faina’s woodchuck in my opinion. But it was also clear that either Jill or Nick was going to be eliminated so Twisted Six was going to be the losing team preventing the opportunity for KC or Joseph to win the challenge. I know that winning a weekly challenge is more about bragging rights than anything else most of the time. But I don’t like the idea of contestants being penalized for something out of their control (the foreperson is supposed to be wrangling the rest of the shop, not the other way around).

McKenzie Westmore’s looks for the challenge introduction and the reveal stage

As always, you can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here. Images in this post via screencap, the Syfy website and McKenzie Westmore’s Instagram account.

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