Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I'll keep it short: I went and saw X-Men: DoFP last Friday. Dude next to me snuck in his own crappy beer, but was OK for most of the movie... until the scene with Logan being pulled from the river. At this point the guy starts checking his cell phone and rustling all his crap around (plastic bag, etc). I got massively distracted by this and somehow missed a vital bit with (now Major) Stryker, specifically his 'eyes'.

As such, I based a remark about that scene on not knowing what really happened. And as is typical of a Gawker site, about 20 people jumped all over me about it, because INTERNET.

Thank you jackass in the theater who couldn't wait until the credits to be a dick. And thank you burner account asshats for taking way too much glee in pouncing on my error.



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