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Movie Scenes That Made You Want To Switch It Off

We’ve all been there. We’re watching a new film, so far you think “this is quite interesting, maybe not the greatest thing ever but still has something going for it” but then it happens. The film decides it wants to have action, suspense, or maybe some horror but ends up having a scene or sequence that just makes you want to tear out your hair in frustration.

Let’s talk about them, here’s mine:


The Girl With All The Gifts (2016)

Edit: Actually this film is just bad, like really stupidly bad. Don’t get why everyone saw it as the new 28 Days Later.

Think The Last of Us but British, where the second generation infected children have some aspects of humanity left over and the survivors of the British Armed Forces are trying to develop a vaccine but not much is left. So far it’s going well, they’ve introduced the main characters such as the bellend sergeant and caring teacher along with main character Melanie who’s one of the kids.

As typical the base the troops are on didn’t bother to put up anything more than the mesh fence likely put up during the Cold War to stop a buildup on the perimeter and as generically happens the fence is slowly destroyed by a large horde amassing on it. Then in what can only be described as pure garbage it’s overrun. Now I’ve seen plenty of stupid decisions in zombie films before and in recent years World War Z, with it’s “Palestinian Girl singing causes fall of Jerusalem” and “Zombie on the Plane” scenes, had taken the biscuit but christ alive was this a bad one because at least that had characters behave believably.


Here however everyone single character action makes zero sense with jeeps full of troops stopping in the middle of the horde and getting out only to be eaten immediately, some troops grabbing the zombies for hand to hand and letting themselves be infected, and squads just splitting into lone wolves who walk towards the horde to be eaten leaving what was several platoons worth of troops with significant resources reduced to 5 guys and a van. It’s like a turkey shoot but if the hunters were all Dick Cheneys and the turkeys super fast zombies.


It’s one of those scenes where everything is driven by writers deliberately forcing the plot from stupidity and it’s sadly not the only scene in this film (a scientist screams at a rat despite being told to be quiet and another soldier somehow forget to put the very large suppresor on his weapon) and it’s one of the few scenes that have made me reach for the controller and want to switch it off immediately.

So what scenes have almost made you give up all hope and turn it off?

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