The toast has a lovely post about Star Wars where Mallory debates it with herself. Obviously, spoilers abound. It has gems such as:

“MALLORY: Also that. I will not pretend that being emotionally devastated by the Star Wars prequel even makes it onto the list of the top fifty problems I have had.

MA’ALLORY: But you have on more than one occasion explained that it was “like seeing someone you love dearly from afar, then upon approaching them, realizing it was not your loved one at all, but some horrible facsimile that has ripped off their skin and is wearing their dead face, smiling an obscene parody of your friend’s smile at you.”


MALLORY: I absolutely stand by that.

MA’ALLORY: A useful data point.”


“MA’ALLORY: The little robot: we liked him?

MALLORY: We liked the little robot. We are a simple, easy-to-please woman! There was a scene where Poe said something like “We’ve got company,” but he did not mean company in the sense of welcome and invited guests, he meant enemy combatants, which was a delightful subversion of our expectations, and we chortled heartily!”


Art by John Atkinson

BB-8 by Mike Maihack (Available to buy:… for $150!)