In a recent Observation Deck article, Pessimippopotamus asked fellow O-Deckers what they thought the definitive version of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner is. This seemed to me to be an interesting topic of conversation that could be opened up to more than just that one film!

These days, many films have alternate cuts, special editions, extended editions, director's cuts, or (in at least one case) director's son's cuts.

People love films. And they are not shy with their opinions on them. And when there are multiple versions of a film, they will often have strong opinions on which one they feel is superior.

Star Wars: Theatrical or Special Edition? The Abyss: Aliens as deus ex machina, or threat of giant tidal wave? Which Richard (Lester or Donnor) gave us the better Superman II?


For films which have multiple versions, which do you think is better, and why?

Please follow a few rules for replying to this article:

1. If you are making the first post about a specific film, please start your post with the film's name in bold, followed by an iconic image from the film. Also, if there has been more then one film of that title, please include the year of release for the specific film you are talking about. Example:

Little Shop of Horrors (1986)


2. If you have more then one film you are wishing to discuss, please post about them separately. (An exception could, I suppose, be made for the inevitable discussion someone will likely start about the original Star Wars trilogy. I think most people tend to take their preference for which versions of those films they like as a whole, rather then different preferences for each film.)

3. Before making a new reply about a film, please check existing comments to see if it is already being discussed. Don't forget to check the pending replies! If it is already being discussed, please reply to the existing discussion rather then starting a redundant new discussion.


4. Please limit versions being discussed to those that have been officially released. There are some awesome fan edits out there, but they are not official cuts. (And not nearly as many people may have seen them, vastly limiting those who might share in with your discussions.)

That's about it, I suppose. Hopefully, those rules will keep things somewhat orderly. Have fun, and try not to kill each other!