Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Mr. "Fang"?? Seriously, House of Cards?

So... I'm watching s02e05 of House of Cards—willfully suspending my disbelief about all the various ridiculous plot threads (because they're fun)—when I get a big ol' slap in the face that causes my disbelief to drop to the ground like a sack of lead on Jupiter.

Mr. "Fang".

This is Hollywood. Is there really nobody they can't consult on proper pronunciation of Chinese? The pinyin is spelled "Feng". Even in the worst English that will never be pronounced "Fang". In Mandarin (the individual is said to be from Beijing) that would be pronounced "Fung" (封). There is no way that the VPOTUS would mispronounce the name of a diplomat. This would be like Khrushchev calling JFK "Joan Kuhneedee"—to his face.


Or.. the US talking to VAY-clave HAY-veel. Or Nelson Main-DEE-lay.

My (very limited) understanding of Mandarin (Putong hua 普通话) says that they got the Chinese dialogue correct (The accent is unfamiliar to me, but I understand many of the words).


They obviously have people who speak Mandarin Chinese (I'm pretty sure that the actor playing Mr. Feng speaks it), so... why can't they get the pronunciation of that one word—such an important word—correct?

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