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Mr. Farlops is on the case

[Since in real life I'm boring. I decided to share a superhero I invented, in pieces, over the last 15 or so years, for Hatrack's origin story challenge.]

Where I'm from, I'm in no way remarkable. It's only here, in this context, that I've become interesting. I'm more differed from than different.

In this universe, on this Earth, your culture hasn't made the Synthozoic Transition yet. Creatures like me are in your future—and not really all that far in your future either. As it is, in the street, people still stare at me.

(Artwork credit unknown, the character is a creation of Shotaro Ishinomori by in the 1970s.)

Which is one of the reasons why I wear clothing. I find that it puts people at ease. It softens my alien appearance.


(Artwork credit Darren Rawlings)

On my Earth, my abilities aren't special. There are many that are stronger, faster, tougher and smarter than me. Only here I'm called superhuman but, I disagree with that adjective. I have trouble with the first part of that word because I know that whatever is considered superlative is a matter of context. I have trouble with the second part because I know that human is as human does. Humanity is not tied to form, material composition or even ability. It's what you do and experience that makes you human.

(Artwork credit Matthew S. Armstrong)

On my world, I was into my second century as a homo sapiens before technology allowed me to move from an emergent anatomy to a designed one.


(Artwork credit Tsvetomir Georgiev)

This technology is your future and you may live to confront the choice I made. But until then, I'm special.


In my old, organic life, in another universe, I had another name, which I will not share. Please call me Mr. Farlops. I'm here to solve problems.

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