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Ms. Marvel and Allies

Ms. Marvel and Friends came into being on the Observation Deck a little over a year ago. Sometimes uptight, mostly whimsical, a gag strip. But then our political system capsized in the night.


As you can see, upon the recommendation of Chick Counterfly in Wednesday Self-Care Open Thread, I am posting the most recent Ms. Marvel and Friends I’ve done to the O-Deck. I am still freaking out, every day the future seems worse and scarier, bleaker, unimaginably and garishly apocalyptic. Monsters are going to be running things soon. Remember 2015? This is what I was feeling a year ago:

The first Ms. Marvel strip was made as a joke, in response to an offhand comment by BehindDarkGlasses (like I said, I owe you a piece of art), but then I just kept doing them. And, once I realized how much they meant to me, I started to put effort into making them, more of myself into each panel.


I have no idea how we’re going to get back to the carefree days of a few weeks ago. I have an actual D&D MsM&F script in the works but I’m real busy lately reading news articles and buggin’. I truly don’t know what to do next. Not with this comic, with my life. But. If you are in the same boat, I stand with you. If you need an ear, I hear you. I might not be able to help you, but I might know someone who can. Sometimes the very process of forcing yourself to give your thoughts form so they can be communicated to someone else helps shed new light upon them. I’m here, I’m on Twitter. I’m around.


I hope you’re doing okay.

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