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Much Ado About Nothing Much (Revised)

Further developments re: what I talked about here concerning Unicode and the follow lists. I had a series of emails with Steve from Support yesterday, and to help clear things up I'm trying another "experiment". (I'm beginning to think I actually am OCD.)

I put Unicode characters into my display name and blog title. If anyone wants to check and see if that made me pull a Claude Rains in their following/followers lists, feel free. I've also tagged this post "Kinja Help" so they know about this vital, pressing non-issue.


P.S., thanks a heap, a_blackpanther! ;P

EDIT: I'm thinking now that this is a classic case of, "Get these damn trees out the way of the forest!" on my part. Can anyone (Kinja Help? Beuller?) confirm that when someone follows/is followed, their blog name is the only thing that shows up in the lists? (I think that used to not be the case; but then again, I think a lot of things.) That would explain everything, since it seems if you don't set up a blog name it defaults to your display name.

That would mean the Unicode thing was just a red herring. And that I spent a day and a half trying to figure out a nonexistent "problem". This is typical.

So, ummm... my bad?

Hey, look, a kitty!



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