Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Well that is what it sounds like in the new interview with Jamie Chung.

"It was like an on-going inside joke between [Aurora actress] Sarah Bolger and I. 'I secretly, like, really care about you.'… The audience…there's this conspiracy online, 'Mulan loves Aurora!' And I'm really glad the writers listened because I really think they planned that from the beginning. They're all about twists and, like, why not, you know? It felt so natural to begin with.


She at least is up to coming back to the show for more plot lines.

"I think it would be really disappointing to leave the audience with this giant question mark. I would go back in a heartbeat. I am committed to [Believe], but I don't think that door is shut so I'm hoping there is something we can do to answer those questions… I would love more character development…something to sink my teeth into with that character."

Don't be scared.You got the mood prepared. Go on and kiss the girl.

Via Mary Sue


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