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Mulder and Scully, er David Duchvony and Gillian Anderson are flirting on Twitter

This is why Twitter is the fucking best. David, can I call him just David, joined twitter a couple weeks back and who welcomed him? Well none other than his former lover er co star Gillian Anderson.

When I first saw this, because yes I have been following Gillian Anderson for a while, I thought nothing of it. She doesn't tweet very frequently and I figured David Duchovny merely got twitter to make sure no one was impersonating him and promote his last season of Californication and his new gig at NBC. That is until this happened:


Then this happened:

YOU GUISE THIS IS THE SHIT I LIVE FOR! I squealed with fanboy joy and delight. It's happening these two are talking again. For someone who Mulder and Scully is their OTP, this right here is the shit. Anyways I thought this was it, and David has been tweeting about stuff actually pretty good tweets. When he tweeted about going to the Tonight Show, to which Ms Anderson replied with:


JLKFDJGAKGJsaf/k;gjfsgsfd;k! GUISE THEY ARE FUCKING FLIRTING OVER TWITTER! THIS IS TRULY A GOLDEN AGE. That sound you just heard was a bunch of Mulder and Scully shippers typing up some new erotic fanfic because of this. What I love most of all is that Gillian Anderson is such a fucking instigator, and David Duchovny just rolls with it like nothing.


I ship them so hard, this is going to tide me over till the next movie gets made, YES I WANT TO BELIEVE XFILES 3 WILL HAPPEN. And apparently the truth is in twitter.

This has been another edition of Xeos stalks random actors on Twitter

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