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Multiversity:Society of Super-Heroes

Honestly I was not really excited for the Society of Superheroes to be the first featured world in Grant Morrison's Multiversity. Man did I miscalculate how amazing a pulp version of the DCU could be. Society of Superheroes is a crazy flaming ball of ideas that follows Doc Fate and his allies as they desperately attempt to stop Vandal Savage from becoming the ultimate pirate, devoted to raiding and plundering the multiverse.

As in the first issue, the heroes chosen are an interesting bunch. We see not just Doc Fate, now a combination of Doctor Fate and Doc Savage, but an all female Blackhawks team, Al Pratt the original Atom, Immortal Man, and Green Lantern Abin Sur(looking like Etrigan the Demon). They fight not just Savage, but Lady Shiva, Felix Faust, Blockbuster, and Parallax.


As you can tell, the book is packed and bursting at the seams with ideas and action. Morrison crams as much as possible into the book and really sets up a universe that I would love to see visited again. Chris Sprouse does great work in creating the pulp world these characters inhabit and I'm going to start looking for more of his stuff from now on.

On the downside, there is a lot going on and working knowledge of the DCU really helps. Also it just kind of ended, it makes sense given the larger story being told, but I expected a traditional one shot style story. But for me these are pretty minor issues and I highly recommend picking this up. It's insane superhero fun and I can't wait to see the next universe and what happens next in the war against the Gentry.

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