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Spent the weekend listening to various singers/groups from countries other than America. Got some weird looks by people walking their dogs past my window when the Japanese metal was blaring, but it was totally worth it. These are the ones that stood out.

Wolf Maahn - Kind Der Sterne

First off, brilliant looking name. Wolf Man! Name aside, this song is fantastic. The guy was apparently quite big during the 80s. Came across this song as a cover so I checked out the original. It's in my top 100 now.

DOES - Donten

If you're an anime fan you've probably heard of Gintama. If you haven't, check it out. Hilarious series that satires anime. It's brilliant. This is one of the songs from the series. This particular video is from the live event they held for the last episode of the series. Hard to think of an American program where they could do something similar. Maybe the Simpsons.

E-Type - Paradise

Eurodance from Sweden! I love me some E-Type. The female vocalist was Nana Hedin, and she's fantastic. Unfortunately many of the videos had another person lip-synching her words. This video is one of the few where she actually appears. Anyways, give the video a watch.

And that's it for today. If you've got an international favorite, share it. I need more music. More!


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