Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Music of my generation... well kinda...

Sometimes the theme song of a TV show is better than the show itself. And in the case of sci-fi and fantasy shows, downright awesome!


Lots of them are catchy and because of the frequency of your watching, can become second nature to you, causing you to hum them when no one is looking, or when people are looking.

(Hey, I won't judge you, but please ignore me when I'm mouthing the opening Quantum Leap voice over in the corner of the elevator.)


Admittedly, making a short list wasn't that easy, but still a choice group of them have wound their notes around the lump of coal I call my heart. For better or worse, here are my top five most memorable nerd-worthy theme songs:

Quantum Leap. This is sadly, not the first season's opening. I can recite that one by heart. This is the abridged version, but still that familiar theme song is constantly on a loop in my head.

Wonder Woman. LOVE IT! The kitsch factor just jumped like 12 points in here didn't it?

The Twilight Zone. I think this stands as a testament to the staying power of this theme song, that whenever someone is describing something weird or obscure, they will make the "du du du du, du du du du..." noise. The voice over changed often, but like the Psycho shower scene music, this one is ingrained in pop culture forever.

Tales from the Darkside. You have no idea how much this show scared the crap out of me as a kid. I would cower in fear every time this theme song came on. But, like an idiot, I sat through every damn episode. This opening still creeps me out.

Star Trek: TNG. Oh I may have seen every episode, maybe like, oh I don't know.. 20 TIMES. SERIOUSLY. NO REALLY, I'M NOT KIDDING. I don't think this one really needs a description. 'Nuf said.


What are yours?

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