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Must be a duppy or a gunman...

I remember reading recaps of a Lost Girl episode a few weeks ago that were impressed by the fidelity to a relatively obscure Polish fairytale character, and as much as I bitch about the show sometimes, I figured there's a strength—there's something they can commit to that SPN doesn't manage—taking each mythos equally seriously and jamming them all into one worldview next to each other. Well, I thought that until they used a term from Jamaican folklore. It's not spoilery of me to tell you what they didn't do is it? Well, if you don't want to know what's not in the ep, read no further, since that's what I'm grumpy about.

For us, a duppy is *not* Fae. It's a spirit, a ghost, the residue of a person that's not their soul after their death, that sticks around and does the haunty haunty. So, in SPN world, I'd already be on the other side, but there could still be an angry vengy serenada running through the halls of the ODeck and infecting the computers of people who don't pay due deference to Misha Collins. And I would need an exorcism of sorts, not to save me or move me on, but to clean up the place for you guys.


Or it can be used in a more general sense of a ghost, of which there can be different types (Rolling Calf is my personal favourite), but it is not Fae, not in the way that creatures are born and live in the world of Lost Girl.

It would have been great to see something from my own heritage flash up on the cultural mosaic screen there for forty two odd minutes. But I guess I'm mostly glad there were no extra black people in the episode, because that would likely make things worse. I'm imagining Kendra's "Jamaican" accent from Buffy, and, as we say "If you want half a bread, beg smaddy buy it, but if yu want a wan, buy it yuself."

Yah. That.

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